About Us

Hi, welcome to Plyotec.  My name is Daniel Hicks.  As being a part of a family rental business, I realized that technology is always changing and noticed that our website was mundane and outdated.  With a background in computers/web design, I decided to give our site a complete cosmetic and functional makeover.  With a brand new, cutting edge look and feel to our site, we received dozens of customer compliments regarding the upgrade which transferred into a significant boost in our sales.  I surfed the web to critique other rental stores websites across the nation and noticed a very dire need.  And bam, it hit me! Plyotec was born.  I recruited a friend of mine and we went to work with a vision, and one single mission: to reshape the rental industry! Our ultimate purpose is to help rental stores from all over the same way we helped ourselves.  And we guarantee you, it’ll be one of the best investments you will ever make for your business!   

Our Core Values

The Golden Rule

We believe in the Golden Rule which says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Not only do we re-envision your website for the purpose of upgrading, but treat your business like its our own.  We aren’t satisfied, until you’re satisfied, approaching our task with honesty, integrity and ingenuity, ensuring contentment within ALL our customers.

Honesty & Integrity

We believe in an honest work ethic.  Here at Plyotec, we practice honesty and integrity with all of our work.  We believe this goes hand in hand with The Golden Rule and strive to doing and being the best that we’re capable of being for ALL our customers because it’s the heart and soul of any genuine business.

Attention To Detail

We have an obsession of paying attention to detail.  Whether its a wrong color combination, a mis-spacing of paragraphs, or the timing of a certain fade effect, every little detail matters to us because its what separates excellence from mediocre.  And at Plyotec, we pursue perfection doing just that.

Creating A Personal Experience

We believe in building and maintaining relationships with ALL our customers from the very first phone call onward. From any minor changes you need done to your website to a complete re branding, we provide our customers with a personal experience by being a phone call away whenever you need us because we believe relationships are an integral part of every business.